Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chicken With Goat Cheese and Balsamic Reduction

Ok, so this dinner sounds reeeeeeeeeeeeal fancy, but again, so easy. And please don't think that I all cook is chicken and sweet potatoes. I promise to post more variety. And besides, I had been living on that vegetable soup for a week - it was time for another comforting meal!

This dinner was a combination of 2 recipes I saw on the food network this week. The first was the goat cheese stuffed chicken, and the second included a recipe for the balsamic vinegar glaze. The salty creamy goat cheese was great with the sweetness of the vinegar.
First I made the balsamic vinegar marinade by combining about 1 cup of good balsamic vinegar, 4 cloves of crushed garlic, a bit of orange juice, and 1/2 cup of brown sugar. I used bone-in and skin-on chicken breast. I generally prefer baking/roasting chicken breast like this because it keeps it moist and adds more flavor. I marinated the chicken breast a little over an hour and then placed them on a baking sheet. I separated the skin from the meat, and stuffed the sliced herb goat cheese and whole leaves of basil under the skin. Then I sprinkled them with salt and pepper. I baked the chicken at 375 for about and hour. The goat cheese stays under the skin while it bakes, it wont ooze out like a softer cheese. Meanwhile, I took the marinade and transferred to a pot on the stove top and cooked on low while the chicken was in the oven. It reduced down and was thick and sweet! I used it as a sauce after the chicken came out of the over.

I served the chicken with sweet potato fries (slice, sprinkle with olive oil and kosker salt and bake at 375 for about 30 minutes) and a green salad with and orange vinaigrette and toasted walnuts (from the other half of the orange from the marinade).

You can see I love using the same ingredients, oven temperature, and flavors in each dish for the same meal. This makes things easier and everything blends well together. I hope you try this one!


  1. Sam - You are the best chef ever! This dinner was extra yummy and super healthy! xo

  2. yum yum!! reminds me of those goat cheese stuffed pork chops we made in singapore but BETTER. love you.

  3. This sounds amazing!! I will be making this over the weekend! Chicken, goat cheese and sweet potatoes. Can't go wrong!

    Loving your blog! :)