Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Hiatus

OK, so its been many months since a new post. Let me explain:

First, it is not for lack of cooking. In the past months, I have perfected my chicken and rice soup with beautiful healthy greens blended into the base, gained a new level on comfort with many white fishes, and hosted many many dinner parties. I have developed a love affair with linen napkins and if it weren't for our 900 sq foot beach cottage limitations, I would probably have a more extensive collection.

So the truth is twofold 1) I got discouraged by other cutsie-fancyman-coloful-technical blogs. I don't know how to do those things, and I have come to terms with the fact that I honestly don't care to learn. I just don't. I just want to cook good food and write about it... not spend more of my time in front of my screen feeling lost and frustrated trying to compete with other more professional food blogs. 2) I started wondering why I was doing it? I'm not trying to make money, I am not trying to sell ad space, and many times its not my original recipe - I am simply sharing a recipe from someone else (yes, Ina Garten, it is usually you). I would post my updates on facebook and sometimes just felt a little too boastful about the whole thing.

I have talked to friends and my husband about this struggle and I needed a few months to just figure out my motivation. But I have come to the conclusion that I don't have a conclusion. I am over thinking the whole thing. I am not trying to brag, my original motivation actually came when my friend Ashley one evening asked me how I knew how to roast a chicken. She asked me to send her the recipe. So that night I posted my first blog. I love entertaining and I love cooking, and I thought this would be a wonderful way to share my ideas with others. It may very well be a recipe I got from someone else... or it may be my own adaptation... or it may be an original. Whichever it is, it is something I think is worth sharing.

I feel many women in my generation are not confident in the kitchen. I do not mean this as a judgement or to say that just because my comfort level is high that I am any better at cooking. But I started out following recipes EXACTLY and then slowly started learning it was OK to make little changes here and there and slowly my preference for kitchen flavors and themes evolved. It continues to evolve. I also feel like people eat out too often and too casually. Its important to eat right, and its important to check in with your family and friends over a wonderful meal. Its intimate to have someone in your home. And its an amazing gift to make them feel comfortable and taken care of. And since getting married and taking ownership of my kitchen, I have really developed a greater appreciation for men and women who have the ability to cook and entertain well.

Anyway, all that said to announce that I am back. I am ready to recommit to blogging. I will try not to post it too often on facebook. And I hope it inspires you to cook more.



  1. I always knew you had hidden talents! Creating good food is's no different than creating a painting or a sculture. It is the culmination of craft, experience to be sure, but it is also the creative courage to use sensory exploration in the quest for the masterpiece! I wish you much joy in the journey! Eileen Krause