Friday, May 21, 2010

Where the Magic Happens

It may be small and crowded, but I am really making myself at home here. I love the open shelves and displaying all of my new fun wedding gifts. There is plenty of counter space and miraculously I have been able to fit everything. We also have a hutch in the living room holding my larger serving platters.
Some of my favorites things in this tiny culinary space:
  • The light green kitchen aide. It is my grandmothers. She passed away while I was in college. My mom offered to buy me a new mixer as a wedding gift, but I think its so special to think about her every time I use it. A second copper bowl also came with it, but I am not sure of when to use the copper and when to use the metal. I need to do some research. And I love the color.
  • Pasta maker (upper left shelf). I discovered this in the back of Michael's cabinets when I was cleaning them out to make room for me and all the new stuff. He thinks it is his friends, we haven't verified the owner, and so it sits on my shelf. I have only made pasta from scratch once, but I would love to give it a few more tries before it inevitably has to be returned.
  • The (TWO!) french/dutch ovens. Obvi.
  • The granite. It never looks dirty even when it is. Who wouldn't love that?
  • The wide variety of vinegars and oils mostly purchased by my husband over the years. Why he has so many when he rarely cooks, I am not sure. I bet many of these were left from past roommates as well. I recently purchased a walnut oil and it is delicious. I used it in a vinaigrette for my beet salad on mothers day. (Post coming soon)

  • The open spice rack. When I used to keep my spices in a cabinet, I would always forget about the items in the back. Now they are staring at me everyday and offer unexpected inspiration. (i.e. my addition of nutmeg to the creamed corn I made this week for my dads birthday).

Well, its cute and is mine and I am officially a nesting wife :)

I must also add a few pictures for my sweet husband, the household farmer. We are so lucky to have this little yard so close to the beach. He has planted a variety of herbs including oregano, parsley, mint, cilantro, and thyme. He also recently added raspberries, beans, beets, chard, and the latest addition was this little black chili plant that he bought at the Corona Del Mar farmers market this weekend.



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  1. Great post honey, and thank you for showing off the fancy new pepper plant. Very hot. Maybe even haute.