Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pancakes and Lattes

Ok so I am catching up on my blogging after some much needed time away to get married! But now I am officially a wife and have been cooking a lot since we got home from the honeymoon. I moved into Michael's house only a couple of days before the wedding and was feeling very much like a visitor until I rearranged the kitchen. I have been cooking almost every day and have even entertained a couple of times. I have been taking pictures and promise to catch up on recipes.

This post was actually from a few weeks before the wedding, but I have heard it is bad luck to use wedding gifts before you are married, so I delayed on publishing it. My secret is out, but the wedding was a success so I think its ok that we may have broken this rule.

People have been so generous with us and I am absolutely loving each and every one of our gifts, especially for the kitchen. Below I was able to use our new griddle and the NESPRESSO!

After some Saturday morning gym time, I love to start off the weekend with a simple but healthy breakfast. Blueberry pancakes (made with Fiber One pancake mix with added flax meal of course!) and side of sliced bananas. I think this brand of mix is great because its much lower in calories than most mixes you find in the grocery store and you only have to add water. The lovely added benefit of fiber also makes sure this comforting breakfast keeps you feeling full into the afternoon. And the added flax meal is not even noticeable. While I made the pancakes, my barista husband whipped up some perfect lattes.



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