Sunday, February 28, 2010

Food Blog!

This is the official start to my blog. My food blog!

Often when I share with friends or family something I made for dinner the night before, they ask me for the recipe. The truth is I rarely use recipes. I am never afraid to try something new, or to attempt to recreate something I tried at a restaurant or friend's house.

This blog is going to track my adventures as I become a wife, get a kitchen full of my dream pots, pans, knives, and dishes, and finally have someone to cook for every night! Although I have already had the great pleasure of cooking for my many roommates and girlfriends.

I hope this blog can inspire other lovers of cooking and help you to bring some of my favorite dishes to your dinner table.

I am obsessed with the food network and especially love:
  • Ina Garten for her jolly nature, simple classic recipes, and amazing style.

  • Giada de laurentiis for the way she mixes textures and flavors like sweet and savory. and i love the way she says "crunch"

  • Tyler Florence because hes completely adorable and makes staple recipes well.

And I especially miss Martha Stewart, my first teacher and I thank her for her thorough explanations. I wish her jail time did not have to take her out of my life :)

I eat meat, but not often, and never cow. I'm sorry to disappoint anyone.

OK, so this is my blog and I look forward to sharing.


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  1. Sammers, it's a good thing you redeemed yourself when you said you "finally had someone to cook for" - I was about to say what about your first wives!! Congrats on the food blog - looking forward to following! XOXO